Weelee Launches Megastore In Midstream, Centurion

Weelee megastore in Midstream Centurion

Weelee launched their first-ever megastore in Midstream Centurion to house hundreds if not thousands of quality used cars. Taking a similar route as WeBuyCars, going bigger and better by offering customers hands-on services and car viewing. So if you were looking for an alternative second-car dealer to WeBuyCars, Weelee is worth checking out, especially when …

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Suzuki Cars Under R300k With Affordable Installments

Suzuki cars under R300,000

In today’s South African economy, you might want to think twice before buying a car on finance because their cost has all gone up. However, there are still economical cars you can afford to buy, Suzuki cars under R300,000 with an average monthly installment of┬áR4,750. Today we’ll take a look at Suzuki brand-new cars under …

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WeBuyCars vs Weelee – Choosing the Best Car-Selling Platform

WeBuyCars vs Weelee

Are you selling your car and looking for the best offers? WeByCars vs Weelee are the most popular companies in South Africa that buy cars directly from owners. Today we want to compare them (WeBuyCars vs Weelee), their buying process, and turnaround time. So without wasting your time, let’s jump right in. Car Flipping Model …

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Jaecoo 7 by Cherry to Launch in South Africa 2024

Jaecoo 7 South Africa

Cherry South Africa is set to launch a new brand, Jaecoo 7, next year, in 2024 to bring more competition in the SUV world. Without a doubt, many South Africans love SUVs and it’s getting even better with varieties of brands competing for design and convenience. Jaecoo 7 becomes the third independent brand Cherry will …

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Car Finance Calculator

CoAuto’s car finance calculator lets you estimate and determine the cost of buying a car. You’ll get a clear indication of how much it’ll cost you and the opportunity to compare when you start getting those quotes.