Weelee Launches Megastore In Midstream, Centurion

Weelee megastore in Midstream Centurion

Weelee launched their first-ever megastore in Midstream Centurion to house hundreds if not thousands of quality used cars. Taking a similar route as WeBuyCars, going bigger and better by offering customers hands-on services and car viewing. So if you were looking for an alternative second-car dealer to WeBuyCars, Weelee is worth checking out, especially when …

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Jaecoo 7 by Cherry to Launch in South Africa 2024

Jaecoo 7 South Africa

Cherry South Africa is set to launch a new brand, Jaecoo 7, next year, in 2024 to bring more competition in the SUV world. Without a doubt, many South Africans love SUVs and it’s getting even better with varieties of brands competing for design and convenience. Jaecoo 7 becomes the third independent brand Cherry will …

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