WeBuyCars vs Weelee – Choosing the Best Car-Selling Platform

Are you selling your car and looking for the best offers?

WeByCars vs Weelee are the most popular companies in South Africa that buy cars directly from owners.

Today we want to compare them (WeBuyCars vs Weelee), their buying process, and turnaround time.

So without wasting your time, let’s jump right in.

Car Flipping Model

Both companies are popular for selling used cars at the most affordable prices compared to purchasing a brand-new car.

What they do is look for opportunities to buy cars directly from owners, and then sell them for profit – car flipping.

Unlike other car dealers, they might not fix the car before selling it to you but offer you a comprehensive vehicle inspection report with issues on the car to fix.

Buying Process

Here’s how WeBuyCars compared to Weelee works in terms of their buying processes and sending offers to car owners.

Quick process, get the offer within 3 hours.Quick buying process, get offers from multiple dealers within 6 hours.
Simple application form followed by a call with further questions.Comprehensive application form that asks more questions other companies would call for.
Get notified instantly by email, SMS, and WhatsApp upon submitting your car. Then followed by a call to further assist with your car listing.Get notified instantly by email, SMS, and WhatsApp upon submitting your car. Then followed by a call to further assist with your car listing.
They come to you for viewing of the car.Their partner dealers with offers will come view the car.
Weelee operates mostly online, giving clients access to instant services.Once processed, they’ll make an instant payment to your bank account.
The car is sold at an online auction before being taken to the showroomThe car is sold at a dealer auction for bidding.
WBC has multiple branches across the country for ease of access. They also operate online, giving customers access to instant services.Weelle operated mostly online but have recently launched their megastore in Midstream, Centurion.

Look for Customer Reviews

It’s always important to shop around and compare these companies for the best offers for the beloved car you’re about to sell.

Check out reviews at Hello Peter, Google reviews, and social media to get a feel of the other car owners’ experience selling to WeBuyCars and Weelee.

Look for each company’s efficiency and professionalism with regard to handling the buying process. If a company has more bad reviews, that should be your first red flag to look the other way.

But generally, WeBuyCars and Weelee services have positive customer reviews and they have an inventory of thousands of cars they buy every day.