Weelee Launches Megastore In Midstream, Centurion

Weelee launched their first-ever megastore in Midstream Centurion to house hundreds if not thousands of quality used cars.

Taking a similar route as WeBuyCars, going bigger and better by offering customers hands-on services and car viewing.

So if you were looking for an alternative second-car dealer to WeBuyCars, Weelee is worth checking out, especially when they just launched their mega branch in Midstream for your convenience.

Get Directions

The Weelee megastore is located just off the N1 on Olievenhoutbosch Road, Brakfontein, Centurion

Services Offered

You’ll obviously get similar services as you were getting them online, but much better and faster with the help from consultants.

You’ll be able to bring your old car for selling or trade-ins. Or browsing available used cars you can buy in record time.

Instead of running from one dealership to another in search of a competitive deal, you’ll receive multiple offers within minutes of arrival at our dealership.

This will save you time & give you loads of top deals to choose from when selling your car.

Finance Options

Yes, you’ll be able to buy Weelee used cars on finance available from top lenders such as Wesbank, Capitec Bank, Nedbank MFC, and more.

Always use a car finance loan calculator to understand the cost of buying a used car on credit. This will help you understand how the interest rate is calculated and how much will be your total repayment for the car.

When selling your car, prices are negotiable since you’ll be receiving multiple offers from various dealers and buyers.

The Experience

So we went there to check the new Weelee store and quite frankly were impressed with the setup, though it’s a similar setup as WeBuyCars.

We found hundreds of quality used cars, in fact, at the time, we couldn’t find a second-hand car under R65,000. The cheapest car at Weelee Midstream was R93,000 but not to say they’re expensive or anything – we just went in there looking for a car under R65,000.

Welcome to Weelee

While there, you’ll get a feeling you’re buying a brand-new car, though they sell used cars. The quality of their cars is something else – most of their cars were already been sold or reserved.

Weelee cars at the Megastore in Midstream